five or six bands who still think it’s 1998

1998 was a long time ago. During the mid-to-late 90’s, emo was the hip genre of music for kids burnt out on ska. Melodic, scream-y but sing along-able. Big guitar punk with big drum fills. The following six bands are part of the #emorevival of 2014. Note that all the band members have haircuts given to them by girls they like.

You Blew It! – “Terry vs Tori”
It’s as if the Get Up Kids were transported to 2014… and actually learned how to write a darn song.

Speedy Ortiz – “Tiger Tank”
Female fronted, heavy. If Kennedy (the MTV VJ) was alive today (she is), this would be her jam.

Dad Punchers – “Your Haircut Man” (Acoustic)
Elliot is my good buddy from way back when. He drums for a hardcore band called Touche Amore.

Front Bottoms – “Funny You Should Ask”
Not totally emo but close enough. Live shows are basically the entire crowd singing along to every word. THAT’S emo.

Better Off – “The Price is Never Right”Example of the heavier side. Crunches just right.

Modern Baseball – “Hours Outside in the Snow” (Live)
A basement somewhere on the east coast. Everyone knows every word.

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