Maisie Joan Zimmerman:

The Alchemists

This song has been specially selected for you to listen to as you read this article. Press play.

Ladies and gentlemen, I have the sheer pleasure of introducing to you one of the world’s most treasured little golden nuggets. I give you, Maisie Joan Zimmerman. Bow down!

Lemme give you a quick and dirty brief of Maisie. Maisie’s got a hell of a smile, is about ye high (a generous 5’4″), an unbelievably thoughtful and loyal friend, sister, daughter, niece, granddaughter, and mother (only to her two pups), a hardworking student, a varsity soccer player, a passionate and very talented writer, an unfailing comedian, and just a good woman with a brilliant mind, a gleam in her eye, and a thirst for a good time. Mr. and Mrs. Z should be proud. But here’s the real low-down. Maisie has this impeccable ability to recognize things in a different way than most others. To sit and watch her get so engaged in trying and succeeding to perfectly capture just what it is about that one guy sitting at the bus stop that makes him just so, or what in the world the motives probably were for that garden snail to cross the sidewalk, or why her dog Brittany is upset and distant lately, is wildly delightful. I’ve tried to figure out just how she does it, why it always leaves me so aweinspired and the fact is this: she is just so damn honest. She calls things exactly how they are, even if she has to make up words in order to do so, to completely do this person or thing justice. And maybe that’s what makes her such an attractive person- besides her impossibly good looks and charming disposition- she doesn’t seem to think twice about relishing in the glory of having 5 senses and an arsenal of words and people with which to enjoy and share the world as she knows it. A funny world in which funny things happen, but also bad things, beautiful things, annoying things, little things, and lovely things. And how wonderful it is that we are human and we are alive and we get to, in fact we are forced to, indulge in it all. Indulge in being human. Maisie is not afraid to be human. And she makes us less afraid too.

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