Jessie Marie

*Editor’s Note: Welcome to the beginning of a new series of articles. Throughout the next few weeks we will be posting short articles on many of the current contributing writers within Auric. This is to give our readers a taste as to who exactly the people behind this magazine are. I am flattered (and a little bit embarrassed) to have the first written about me, but read on and unearth The Alchemists.

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Jessie A girl who’s untouchable is not a girl. She is a woman. This woman knows exactly what she wants and who she is… don’t we all wish we were this woman. Everything about her is chosen to her liking. Her savage and arcane leather boots storm the halls at school, inevitably leaving all the other ladies in her track feeling inferior. A woman like this is not easily attainable. One must wander far from their home, in hopes of running into her at an art museum, or maybe a snack shack. You can’t predict her, only gaze in admiration and a fiery jealousy for the woman she knows she is. What makes her untouchable is hard to realize. She never plays with agendas or even touches pseudoness. She is simply who she is and she genuinely doesn’t care if you care but you will end up caring so just care. When she flies, she flies higher than you. But she doesn’t even fly, she soars, so sucks for you. You want to watch her because she fulfills all satisfactions that you are too scared to itch yourself. Because her leathery boots are starting to tear, she’ll get a new pair and those will become the new glass slippers that you base your love for Cinderella off of. Or maybe her old clanker will be the slipper she’s left behind, and all you can do is hold the shoe.

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