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Welcome back to Auric,

As we took a hiatus we will be reviving ourself under new management but similar structure. Publishing your own work is so important to young artists as it empowers and jumpstarts your future. As a young female artist I always felt embarrassed to reach out to magazines or galleries because I was brainwashed into thinking my work wasn’t good enough unless they approached me, unless they validated me. But fuck them, we are a generation of self validation. If you are proud of your work, you are the boss of where it ends up. So self publication is the best way to, first of all, get your work out there, and secondly, become comfortable as an established artist. We accept essays, art, photography, stories, poems, etc. I will now shared a story about dating a republican:

Dating a Republican has definitely been an experience. As I self identify as radical/communist/anarchist/hella leftist I’m not quite sure how I got here. I met a girl in Toronto recently and when she found out, she was physically taken back, amazed and actually congratulated me. And to be honest, it has been hard as we disagree on many subjects. Dating a right wing person has taught that they aren’t all idiots, as I would like to believe. Hopefully this has taught him that we aren’t all idiots either. Sleeping with the enemy has been incredibly tough at times when he blurts out things that are obliviously painful for me to hear. In the wake of recent events I understand now that blocking a Trump supporter or never talking to Mason White again isn’t going to help in the long run. What will help is sitting down and having a respectful discussion on why many Trump supporters feel marginalized. Or WHAT THE FUCK WAS GOING THROUGH THEIR HEADS WHEN THEY VOTED. Just kidding, but seriously, take your local Trump supporter out to lunch and listen to them, how did they come to these conclusions of their ideology. Though it is really rough to hear, we can’t blame the ignorant, we can only teach them. Now I’m not saying all Republicans are ignorant some, such as my boyfriend, identify as Republican because of life experience and research and knowledge while some are white supremacists. It is somewhat hard to draw the line sometimes, are you just fiscally conservative or do you want to burn all gay people?? Dating my boo thang has taught me that I can respect, even LOVE a republican (crazy shit)


Hi, and welcome to Auric.

This magazine was created for young artists to express their feelings through writing, art, photography, and music. This blog represents a group of highschoolers who take their art seriously and are looking for an output for their creativity. There is a lack of an online creative community in our town and Auric plans to become a hub for young people looking to put out their work. Not only is Auric a great platform to show off your art but to express feelings that may not be welcome elsewhere. It is our goal to encourage others to be proud of the work that they are creating and to create a friendly environment for up and coming artists.


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