supposed to be doing calculus

This song has been specially selected for you to listen to as you read this article. Press play.

Doodles: occasionally more than heart chains, scribbles, and repeated expletives.


photo 5-2Violet Cheverez

photo 1-4Sydney Barton


photo 1-5Sam Kilpatrick


photo 3-3Sydney Barton

photo 4-2Violet Cheverez

IMG_7701Hana Antrim



photo 3-6Sam Kilpatrick


photo 2-5Violet Cheverez


IMG_4110 Hana Antrim


photo 4-3Sam Kilpatrick



photo 1-3Violet Cheverez


photo 2-6Anonymous


photo 1-2Violet Cheverez



photo 3-5Sydney Barton

photo 2-8Sam Kilpatrick

IMG_4296Hana Antrim


photo 5-3Sam Kilpatrick

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