Love yo Self

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May 29th, 2014

So this evening I may or may not have indulged in abundance of the finest thing life has to offer: food. Okay, I’m guilty. So what? I love food, not just in the way it saves me from dying and all that boring stuff, but I love how having certain foods with a lot of iron, like strawberries and tomatoes, can make you feel energized and more intellectually powerful. I love how avocadoes are a superfood and that “if you were stranded on a desert island and could only have one food for the rest of your life” they could do the whole job of keeping you alive quite well. I love the way Mexican rice and black beans are just meant for each other, and how spicy food can make you feel all cozy even on the coldest day. I love how raspberries can bring out the five year old in us all by simply plopping them on each of our fingers and eating them. I think food is such a marvelous thing, and makes living more interesting and worthwhile. I wish everyone felt the same way I do.

Today I weeded a garden for three hours. And guess what? I was exhausted by the time I got home. For the majority of the year, I have been exhausted. That’s expected and common (I think? I hope?) for many high schoolers. We get beaten and worn down. The higher the sun gets in the sky, the more I deteriorate. Physically and emotionally. Gravity is, unofficially, the most powerful at noon. So naturally we feel our posture bend toward the ground and our eyes close. Needless to say, working under the beating sun for three hours is nothing to rejoice in (slight disclaimer: I’m not the biggest fan of the sun to begin with, however I mean no offense or disrespect to my fellow civilians who feel otherwise). Three, maybe four minutes into the job I was over it. But as in life, I suffered through the pain, knowing that time is only as powerful as we make it out to be; to defy, or ignore time, is to give it no power. So I ignored it, and then when I felt like I should leave, I did.

My only fuel for the day had been an iced green tea, a smoothie, and some baby bell peppers with cheese.

Let me tell you, this was not sufficient.

Guys, we need food! Stop not eating food! Food is good! Food is your friend! Food is the best thing to happen to the world! Don’t deprive yourself of this luxury.

It is true what they say, our body is a temple. We should honor it and reward it to our greatest capability.

“Honor” and “reward” are to defined by the individual.

I honor by body by acknowledging it, and accepting it. I know that I am no ectomorph. My wrists and my ankles don’t have the same diameter, and my bones don’t poke out everywhere. I don’t try to transform my body into something it’s not. Forcing this skews with natural processes and health. My body is a temple constructed years ago by the Apaches; I cannot honor it and respect it the way Scandinavians would honor and respect a temple of their own. There are 196 countries, seven billion people, and technically infinite cultures. Each function so much differently, especially internally, even if some appear similar externally.

The amount of food I eat is often copious. But why not? I work hard throughout the day, leaving my body in a state of disarray, distress, and despair. I love my beautiful body, as should you. Yes, you should love my body but what I truly mean is that you should love your own–unconditionally, infinitely, undoubtedly.

Whenever you’re feeling down, go to Los Arroyos, get the combination plate with three items (it’s the best deal, and yay more food) and with a side of rice and beans instead of a salad. Thank the waiters with a warm smile and earnest eye contact. Tip well. Get a to-go box. Steal some salsa. Tell the bus boy and the hostess to have a lovely day. Have a lovely day yourself. Have a majestic week. Share your happiness with those around you, those close to you, but also extend a smile to the teacher who you know is overwhelmed, to the girl whose mother has cancer, and to the guy who is about to become a father. We’re all dealing with pressure, mistakes, stress, fatigue, and external forces that weigh us down. While there is seldom much ado concerning these problems, a unique bliss and comfort can be found in food. Appreciate that.


Also, don’t forget to go out in nature, visit gardens, breath in the smell of blooming flowers. Remember the roots of all that is good is this world is in fact roots.


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