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If there is such thing as unconditional love I am almost positive it only applies to puppies. They pee on you and your hardwood floors, or decide to take a dip in the fountain–but how can you even pretend to be mad at them when they take puppy dog eyes to a whole new level? This past week my family has been fostering three golden retriever/ lab mix puppies, all are girls, and eight weeks old. Their names are Ruby, Willa and Rena, and they are the most adorable things you will ever see. Each has an individual personality that, aside from their colored collars, is the only thing helping to tell them apart.  Ruby is much darker than the rest with an auburn tint; she is also by far the smartest. On our first day with them–having just come back from a sleepover–I ran into the pool-room to enjoy their wet embrace. Once there, I realized there were only two little guys nibbling my toes and slobbering on my ankles. Fear and ridiculous conclusions ran through my head: “Maybe someone had stolen the pup or a hawk swooped down for a snack?!”. After a frantic search, it turned out she was just taking a nap in a cool pocket under my parent’s bed, hiding from the heat outside. Ruby is our little escape artist… And sadly the only pup left now because Rena and Willa have been adopted. Last night, she was alone and couldn’t sleep because there was no one left to cuddle with. In the wee hours of the morning, she woke everyone up with her cries. I knew the only resolution would be to bring her into my comfy bed– so I did. By 3:00am, she had fallen asleep with her head in my palm–my arm around her plump body.


If presented the opportunity, I would highly advise you to partake sleeping with a pup. It’s like cuddling with Winnie the Pooh.


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