the first m is silent

jack colleran, or better know as MMOTHS, is a nice fellow from ireland with a serious gift. every song he puts out is special in its own way, with either a repetitive beat and no words (as most people know i love) or a dreamy melody with nice harmonics or some smooth vocals over it. he’s been putting out music for a couple of years now and i was lucky enough to find him about this same time last year, but “for her” feat. young & sick (!!! who are gonna be at coachella !!!) will most likely always remain my favorite song

if you never heard it before:

and for those of you who are quite familiar but want to hear a different angle check out this satisfying remix i stumbled upon a few days ago:

PS::: check out the whole Diaries EP and listen to every song all the way through one day when you have nothing else to do but lay in bed and stare at your ceiling. it’s worth it i promise

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