Tina’s Done it Again

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By now, everyone knows that Tina Fey knows how to tickle your fancy. I mean, she and her partner in crime, Amy Pohler, were favorites on 9780316056878SNL and the masterminds behind Mean Girls, and if you don’t like either of those you are probably one-hundred percent an awful human being. Not only is T-Fey a really witty woman, but she is also incredibly down to earth and a refreshing dose of real in an industry of a whole lotta fake. One could argue that her phenomenal success can be accredited to this ability to be so raw and to flaunt her “flaws” in the face of superficiality. This ability is also what makes her book Bossypants so bomb.

The book is divided into chapters with hilarious titles in which she mostly recounts different parts of her life. You learn what she was like as a kid, how much action she got in college, her beauty routine, how she got to where she is, how Andy Samberg is in bed, and what kind of tampons she buys (just kidding, I made those last two up).

I hate reading. No I don’t. I think stories are great and I think the way that letters can be put into words that can be put together to inspire powerful feelings in its readers is pure magic. But, I am a teen that was born into a highly technological era. The tragic flaw of this generation is that we have wifi and shit running through our veins, so when given the choice between catching up on the latest episode of New Girl or reading a chapter of F. Scott Fitzgerald, we usually go with the former. (To all of you that just scoffed and said to yourself, I wouldn’t, shut up. But also good for you. Shut up.)

Goodness, I’m really straying from my point here. Tina Fey. Funny. Book. Right. Okay. My point is that its hard for me to stick it out all the way through a book, but not this time! I wasn’t able to put it down. Yeah, I know you’ve heard your grandma or some review on Yahoo answers with bad grammar say that, but I mean it. It’s one of those books that you just can’t stop reading, but once you approach the end, you don’t want it to stop, so you have to ration out how much you can read a day, really make it last. And it literally made me lol. And that’s hard to do.

Please, just take my word for it and buy the book, or rent it from your local public library if that’s your steez, but just read that flippin’ book. And no, Tina’s publicist is not paying me to do this, although she should be, I just want to make you happy. You’re welcome, because you’ll thank me later.

Photos courtesy of dailyhit.com and indiebound.org, respectively.

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