16 And In Love

   An excerpt from my diary in January, when I began to feel what I think love is.


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       I love you. I really think I do. I don’t know if I will tell you, if there will ever be a right moment.

       I don’t know when it happened, when I realized. I guess everything added up one day. How nervous I was the first time we hang out, I crawled back through my window at 1am with muddy feet after running through the golf course, it was so cold, my bed never had felt warmer.

       Or maybe it was when I slammed my red car into the dirt and I shook so hard you almost grabbed my hand. You were scared too. It was the time at the playground at 12am when you rested your head on my hand, I couldn’t tell if it was an accident-your placement, but I knew.

       I knew when you kissed me in the kitchen, and when we played cards with my family, and when we were at the hospital and my mom was yelling because you were making me so smiley. But I really knew when the pink light flooded my room and I peeked open as you layed across from me and you were smiling right back.

       I love you.






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