I woke up, and the world was not the same

(photo source: instagram @hannahdiamond_)

PC Music, that multi-headed entity of new-new wave musical genius, has just premiered it’s most recent release, and, boy, is it something. Hannah Diamond, Logo Magazine‘s co-creative director and the singer behind the past year’s hits Keri Baby, Pink and Blue, and Attachment, has released what is, bar none, her best song yet, Every Night. With a production recalling 80s synth pop artists like Wham! and Soft Cell on crack cocaine, a mood evoking the current club scene in London mixed with a decora rave, and the vocals of Madonna huffing helium while sick with a cold, Every Night makes you want to just stand up, cry, smile, laugh, and dance, all at the same time. Whatever you think of PC Music (a genuine futuristic pop experience-cum-critique of popular music in the 21st century, or a big joke at the expense of its enthusiastic fans), you can’t deny that there’s something special and wholly unique behind these tracks. For more, check out PC Music’s Soundcloud page. Every Night is on iTunes now.

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