Part 1 (Of Infinity)

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It is dark. I cannot tell if I just opened my eyes or not (it’s that dark). It is silent. I can hear the quiet screaming at me as I say nothing (it’s that silent).
I clumsily undress myself, feeling the weight of the impending day upon me.
I blindly feel for the go-to drawer, for which I have self proclaimed as an abstract expressionist piece titled “It’s a Metaphor Okay”, filled to the brim with sports bras, sweat pants, t-shirts, pullovers, socks, and underwear. Instead of successfully opening this drawer, my hand violently clashes with the corner of the dresser. Great. Ow.
I more or less put myself together. I hit my cheeks a couple times to literally slap some sense into myself. Okay Day, I am ready to take you on.
I am extremely proud of myself. I am out the door and on my feet running before the sun rises in the east. I can see the minuscule details of the environment around me twinkling, illuminated by the little lights reserved for night. I have found these details to be seldom acknowledged in daytime, when the breadth of objects are on display, when I have to absorb the object so quickly, when I cannot focus on the particulars, but instead on the whole.
With each step I expand my world, and with each step I see that more of the world is awake, the world is functioning. Every time I go on this run, I fall in love again. I fall in love with the people I see, and the fact that I see people at all. I fall in love with the time before the sunrise, the sunrise, and the commotion the sunrise creates. I love the way the sun changes the scenery so much, the people around me are different people than post-sunrise people. The expressions on the faces I pass change with each tick of the global clock. Connections are being made, knowledge is shared, and thus the world progresses.
Some faces are forced, others calm, many tired, and mostly all have eyes glued to their phones.
The most beautiful faces are those looking at each other. I can feel their love, or aggravation, sometimes jealousy, or perhaps concern, but always emotion. When humans interact with each other, they cannot help but to share knowledge. It is unavoidable. I can determine if someone understands me just by the look in their eye, the dilation of their pupils, the curvature of their eyebrows, they are all portals to their minds.

… To be continued…

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