Modern Artist: Marc Quinn by Maddie Cuttler

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Controversial would be one of the many words to describe British modern artist Marc Quinn. I first fell in love with his works of art when I went to an exhibit of the very famous biennale art exhibition in Venice, Italy. His very distinct contemporary-ness interested me in learning more about the man behind the awesome works of art. He is definitely one of the most intriguing artists out there. One of his better-known sculptures is called “self”. To make this work of art, took 4.5 liters of blood from his own body to sculpt the realistic looking self-portrait. Now it is currently frozen in a refrigerator unit, which I saw at the exhibit in Italy. Quinn often deals with the distanced relationship we have with our bodies. He expresses this relationship in his art by creating incredible sculptures and creative paintngs. He also did projects for designer Muiccia Prada. It is called “garden” which is a whole garden full of plants that can never grow together which he designed in 2000. In conclusion, Marc Quinn proves to be my personal favorite artist. His creativity and zany work never ceases to amaze me.


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