girl VS. paris

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Paris is known to be the city of love, but little do many know that it is one of the most culturally rich, and art filled cities in the world. On a recent side trip to Paris, I (Tessa), visited some of the most famous paintings, museums, and places in France. The Musée de l’Orangerie, Musée de Orsay, Rodin, Eiffel Tower, Centré Pompidou Virtuel, and the Louvre are a few of the infamous places and attractions that we, my mom and I, visited whilst in Paris. At the l’Orangerie, there was a Diego Rivera & Frida Kahlo exhibit, where the outstanding artwork of the couple was shown.


At the Louvre, of course, there is the Mona f**kin Lisa. Although personally I do not feel a connection with her or the artist, and frankly think she is hideous… she is  acclaimed as one of the most prominent painting by Leonardo Da Vinci. At the Pompidou, the art was more modern and risk-taking. Things such as  a simple chair were considered “art” and in my book, they’re not. But otherwise, that museum to me was the best because although the historic element wasn’t there, it kept me on my toes and wasn’t sure what to expect next. The Eiffel Tower, probably the most sought out landmark by tourists in France, is architecturally beautiful and MASSIVE! Not to my surprise there were many gypsies and pickpockets lining the streets looking for a gullible foreigner to trick and steal from, luckily I was not a victim.


At the home of the deceased sculptor Auguste Rodin, is the Rodin Museum which exhibits his sculptures, such as the Thinker, which is thought to represent philosophy in its many ways. One other famous Rodin piece is the Gates of Hell which are small figures (180 to be exact) in a large casting, which depict a large doorway to Hell. The artwork was fabulous and the museum was crazy-beautiful, especially because it was once such a respected artists’ home.

If you’ve never been to any of these places, let alone Paris, it is most definitely a must. The city is amazing, as well as the art, history, fashion, architecture, FOOD, and people… So why not? Hop on a plane and go to the city of love!

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