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She awoke to his soft breath on her left shoulder. Somehow her lips still quivering from the heart rending night they had. It all swarmed back into her mind. The excruciating pain from the night before jolted her awake from her soft sleep. Trying to catch panicked breath was a challenge in itself, but suddenly he was awake and questions were already pouring out of her mouth. He knew better than to answer when she was in this state.

Slowly, his fingers traced her spine. She secretly admired this. But the empty and hollow pit in her stomach kept her from focusing on his gentle touch.

Her eyes started to burn, quickly after came the tears, the tears she had been holding back all night in order to keep some kind of composure.

She heard the sound of his voice, but nothing he said made any sense. His words seemed like a puzzle sprawled across a coffee table, somehow connected but for the moment all out of order. This had happened before but not with him. Suddenly this pain seemed quite familiar. Her thoughts began to focus on how weirdly familiar this pain felt. All the questions she awoke to in her scattered mind went silent.

Fear took over after this point. Run is all she could think.

She became still, eyes darting all over the room as if there was some easy door out of heartbreak. As if there was some easy door out of the consuming and exquisite love this boy had handed her wrapped in a bow.

But running wasn’t an option. He would eventually catch up to her.



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